"Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait" -Longfellow

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blooming: Therapies Son

{{Los Angeles}}

Please pay them money for having made these songs and admit loudly that you'd like for them to make more.  Be red in eye and prospects, grow over seas, and call and call. Open up a grander staircase- and fall...

"Golden Girl" is a joyful blur like a picture of best times taken way too drunk. "Touching Down" is a romp of a song, somewhere forgotten near the sneer of Mick Jagger and the sweetness of Paul McCartney... but then it almost sounds surfer... and a Swedish blonde and trotting love affair with the sugar structure of pure pop.

On THE FADER: http://bit.ly/f07WKO
On STEREOGUM: http://bit.ly/9iW9Oc


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