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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: Cults "Cults"

Realeased June 7, 2011 on Columbia Records

Blogosphere conquering indie-popsters Cults have managed to concoct a debut album that lives up to expectations as much as it sets them. Sounding like a Phil Spector girl group with post-modern skittishness and updated to account for grunge and the avant-indie movement, this duo makes music to make you nostalgic for tomorrow. Crisper versions of the tracks that started it all, "Go Outside" and "Most Wanted", are dark and sweet standouts- but this is really a tight and beautiful album with little to no fluff jobs. Also excellent are the creepy bumper “Walk at Night”, the joyously restless “Oh My God” and the haunting love song “Abducted”. The album is thematically and musically focused on light and dark spaces, on the conflict between fullness and emptiness, on tension and release, on freedom and that which seeks to restrain freedom. These dichotomies make some weird type of sense for a band from San Diego transplanted to New York. Eerie dimness and refreshing shine, sloth-inducing heat and frisky cold, moments of flighty glee and opportunities for more serious contemplation- it is, impressively, all here on this album of pop songs. Cults is a whimsically satisfying listen that promises to keep you swaying all through the summer and, due to its darker romantic and more frantic elements, to remain a favorite as times get chillier... 
whenever that is.

Stream the album, purchase the album and check them out HERE

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