"Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait" -Longfellow

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Lives

“There's some lives you live and some you leave behind.” -Neutral Milk Hotel, Gardenhead 

Between the bass and the watery wooden faces of the wind
I've forgive men for loving and for hating sin.
There's no forgetting fear's birth or joy's sacrifices,
I just can't swear to any Christs that limit my devices.
who holds open the sun will rise
over he who hoards it for personal eyes.
I don't mention history or a soldier's eye-wide wings
or sublimate giant purple emotional forces into human beings;
what is left to waste will define 
while the victim chased will speak spiritual decline.
open sounds of dust bleed forth truths of rock
sold as innovation for stocks and toxic tops of thoughts 
too basic.

whatever you believe grows bigger than you can contain,
you retain blame and the flavored urine of Father Cain.
and that's what you get for faith in consequence.
I tell jokes about permanence and being destroyed by mattering
and, if need be, walk into total amnesia proudly staggering.

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