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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest MIX: Bodega Pop

Bodega Pop is a unique blog by a dude (Gary) who thankfully does what folks like me might want to do but would never have an ambitious enough ear for (let alone time or patience). Searching bodegas and out of the way tiendas and bazaars for CDs from all over the world that one might never encounter anywhere else, Gary has populated Bodega Pop with a world's worth of strange and beautiful personalities and sounds from everywhere. I asked him to make a special mix for Learn to Labor and to Wait and, in the first of what I hope to be an ongoing series showcasing what my favorite music blogs have to offer, he has graciously delivered the manic and astoundingly diverse mix below... A mix that is as far-flung as it is immediately arresting. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

"When Jamie asked if I’d create a guest mix for learn to labor and to wait, I knew immediately what I wanted to do: a country-by-country sampler of some of my own personal favorite sounds snatched from bodegas from my hometown, Astoria, Queens, all the way west to Portland, Oregon. Every mix I’ve posted to Bodega Pop since I launched the blog two years ago has been themed, typically by country of origin or genre, so this was a chance to put together something far-ranging, multiethnic and chaotic—much like the borough I call home.

Though I’ve previously posted all but a couple of these songs as part of other full CDs or mixes, I took the time to re-rip each one of them at 256 (variable rate) kbps. I allowed myself only one song per country—a fool’s task—and though none of these songs can be considered “representative” of the culture that produced them, I stand by these choices as each being worth multiple listens. In addition to the track-list below, I’ve detailed where each of the CDs from whence these songs were ripped were originally purchased.

Thanks, Jamie, for asking for this, and I hope you and your visitors here find as much pleasure in this fabulous and astonishing music as I have over the years."

—Gary Sullivan, Astoria, Queens, August 2012


BODEGA POP MIX for Learn to Labor and to Wait:

01 Ani Rushe Rexhes Kush O Ma Ka Pa, Fatmire Breçani, Albania
Found in an Albanian bodega on Church Avenue, Brooklyn

02 Mansitha Ma Rahet Men Bali, Cheb Hasni, Algeria
Scored at an Algerian bodega on Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens

03 Jebo Vladu, Edo Maajka, Bosnia
Plucked from a Bosinian bodega on 30th Avenue, Astoria, Queens

04 Achi Yei, Mar Mar Aye, Burma (now Myanmar)
Burned onto disc for me by Zaw at Thiri Video in Elmhurst, Queens

05 My Honey, Carlinhos Brown, Brazil
Purchased in a Brazilian bodega on Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens

06 Unknown Song, Unknown Cambodian Artist, Cambodia
Procured from a Thai-Cambodian market in Portland, Oregon

07 想郎, Zhao Xuan, China
Discovered in a Chinese video store in Flushing, Queens
08 Triste Recuerdo, Hermanas Juarez Villamar, Ecuador
Bought at an Ecuadoran bodega on Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens

09, Nar, Hakim, Egypt
Rescued from the Nile Deli on Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens

10 Shemanena Fetaya, Alemayehu Fanta, Ethiopia
Acquired in an Ethiopian café in Washington, DC

11 Marouchka, Arthur H, France
Obtained at a street fair on 60th Street, Manhattan

12 Stin Athena, Paidi Thavma, Greece
Lucked upon at a Greek music superstore, 31st Street, Astoria, Queens

13 Floating on the Sea, Ketchup, Hong Kong
Special-ordered from a Hong Kong video store in Chinatown, Manhattan

14 Dil Cheez Kya Hai, Asha Bohsle, India
Grabbed from Raaga Superstore in Edison, New Jersey

15 ’A Carulina ’e Napule, Gilda Mignonette, Italy
Gotten at an Italian music store on 18th Avenue, Brooklyn

16 ポルターガイスト, Kojima Mayumi, Japan
Gleaned from an Asian media store in Chinatown, Manhattan

17 Mush Qasah Hay, Fairuz, Lebanon
Snagged at a Lebanese grocery on Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens

18 Casablanca, Cheba Maria, Morocco
Fetched at Princess Music, Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

19 Slim Fit Maggie, The Semi Colon, Nigeria
Recommended to me by someone at at Blessing Udeagu Copy Shop, Corona, Queens

20 Mawan Te Dhiyan Ral, Surinder & Prakash Kaur, Pakistan
Wrangled from a Bollywood video store on Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

21 Koniec Kryzysu, Pustki, Poland
Happened upon in a Polish music store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

22 Mama Guela, Tito Rodriguez, Puerto Rico
Picked up from a Puerto Rican bodega in Morningside Heights, Manhattan

23 Time of the Moon, t.a.Tu., Russia
Extracted from a Russian media store in Corona, Queens

24 ¿Que te pasa?, Crowd Lu, Taiwan
Secured from an East Asian media store in Chinatown, Manhattan

25 Fashion Yuk Ja-Luad, Rungpetch Laemsing, Thailand
Snatched from a Thai curio store in Chinatown, Manhattan

26 Kume Dusersin, Oguz Yilmaz, Turkey
Nabbed at Uludag Video on Avenue W in Brooklyn

27 Огонь И Я, 5’Nizza, Ukrain
Latched onto in a Russian media store in Corona, Queens

28 Khuc Hat An Tinh, Phuong Dung, Vietnam
Hauled away from a Vietnamese media store on Argyle Street in Chicago

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