"Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait" -Longfellow

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Moonly on the Sunning Earth

Image by Pilar Zeta

the sweat in the words is the shimmer of sweat in the steel.
everyone goes savage minding buzzing flies
while the meat sits rotting.
that sun- eye of a misunderstood God, root of a
belabored fruiting, death
of autonomy growing and pulsing...
has been patient with our consumptions and assumptions.

    so go learn about the Greeks
  while the dog holds her leash.
    go topple the system
  while your families dream of water and mattering.
    go climb your ego
  while the mountains forget figuring you out at all.

the chatter outlining your boredom is the reason the birds sing.
I drive myself crazy deciphering a handshake
while forgetting my oldest name.
our Earth- mother of infinity's dreams, slave to
the definitions of imbeciles, cosmic-sized
mote of flourishing dust...
has harvested baskets of war from lush fields of peaceful chaos.

    so go peek at the body
  while the soul becomes a cliche.
    go write down your theories
  while her smile is decayed by static.
    go pinch from the tiny pocket
  while all the gifts of reality turn to sand at your feet.

disregarding even a blade of grass is disregarding yourself.
we understand what happens by the racing moment
while what it might mean in the eternal moment goes unconsidered.
this moon- daughter of emperors and addicts, marker of
the truths crawling in darkness, receptor
of sleep struggles ignored...
has forgiven without appeal to antonyms or averages.

    so go broadcast special
  while evolution molds everything from one clay.
    go pour drinks on death's head
  while it lives drunk in your blood.
    go sleep off those pesky (constructed) mistakes
  while your heart pumps in time with the perfection of the multi-actuality of now.

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